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If you have been unfortunate enough to have had your keys stolen or lost, we understand how stressful this can be. So we come to you wherever you are and can provide replacements – usually with in the hour – to get you back on the road.

We can also erase any existing keys from the car’s memory so that the old keys can no longer start the vehicle. We also provide replacement keys. 

Using the latest technology our car locksmiths in Kent can make and programme most keys without the need of an existing key at the roadside at very competitive rates. This saves the need and associated charges of towing your car to a main dealership in order to obtain a spare. We can offer our car locksmith services throughout Kent.

Lost or Stolen Car Keys in Kent

Having your car keys stolen or losing them somewhere is a horrible feeling. You can’t stop thinking about someone finding them and being able to gain access to your car then simply driving it away. It causes a great deal of stress and while Kent County Car Keys can’t get your keys back for you, we can provide you with new ones to take back possession of your vehicle. We also offer a service for broken car keys.

No Worries with Our Car Locksmith in Kent

One of the biggest worries when your keys go missing is that someone can get into your car. Therefore, as part of our lost or stolen car keys service, we can wipe the old key from your car’s system. This means that if someone tries to gain entrance to the car with the lost key, it will no longer function.

Because time is of huge importance in these cases, we even offer a roadside service. We will come to you around the Kent area and conduct a roadside replacement service. Then the old key can be removed from the system – if it does turn up at a later date, you can either dispose of it or give us a call and we can see about adding it back onto the system.

Our Car Locksmith Service Provides Remote Key Replacement

Our equipment is state of the art and allows us to create the new remote key that will have all the same functions as the one that has been lost. This means if the key opens or locks the boot or perhaps closes the windows from outside when you have turned off the ignition, then the new key will perform the same functions as the old one.

Even if your key hasn’t been lost or stolen and you have simply decided that you want a spare, just in case, we can also help. Being without a spare key can make you nervous in case anything does happen.

So, if looking for a car locksmith anywhere in Kent then contact us.


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