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If you have lost your car keys, or had them stolen we can provide the solution. Our auto locksmiths servicing all areas of Kent can cut and programme keys to your vehicle even with out having a working key present.

Using the latest versions of software our skilled technicians can read vehicle pins to access the ECU and make a new key for you, wherever you are. For your peace of mind we can erase any old keys from the vehicles memory so no one can start your car with the old set.

We can provide this unique service at a competitive price by professional, friendly, CRB checked staff at your place of work, home or by the roadside.

Replacement Car Keys in Kent

There’s something about car keys that no matter what we do, they sometimes get away from us. That horrible panicked feeling when you realise that no matter how hard you search, you simply cannot find them. Or you may have them but there is something wrong and they no longer work. This is when a service for replacement car keys is crucial and why we offer this service on a quick and efficient basis.

Great price lost key replacement service

When you discover you need replacement car keys, there are two things you want. The first one is speed, especially if you don’t have a spare and can’t use the car without a new key. The second is a great price that doesn’t leave you feeling as if you have bought a new door, rather than just a key.

Replacing the modern car key is a specialist service and one that should be done by a professional. Here at Kent County Car Keys, we offer our expert service througout Kent, offering that combination of speed and cost-effectiveness that is coupled with the knowledge to do the job right first time.

The Perfect Fit Replacement key

Most modern cars use a remote car key that does more than just unlocks the door. It is like a tiny computer, sending information to the car to unlock or lock the doors, open the boot and even close the windows from a distance. Therefore, replacing these keys isn’t just about getting the right metal key section but about getting the entire key fob working correctly.

As well as the remote car key styles, we can also supply the non-remote style, also known as a copy key. These are the backup keys often kept somewhere safe in the event that the main key is lost or malfunctions. By having both, you can ensure you don’t need to panic if a key goes missing again in the future.

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